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Small enough to make transport and set up easy, but large enough for a powerful performance. The 24ft x 14ft stage deck size has all the room needed for a great performance.

Under 5k pounds, in weight, this stage can be pulled with 1-ton vehicles. 

We’ve developed a manual setup stage that can be easily set up. If this stage does not fit your needs please let us know. We are currently developing new designs.


when a stage is custom-ordered it does come with some options. Our stages have solid and soft roof options. The back wall can be a roll-up soft wall for optimal airflow or hardback.  We can even add DMX, XLR, CAT6, and power cables preinstalled to make your audio/video set up faster. 


Like other stages, banner packages are an option as well. These accessories allow for the quick flying of banners and promotional products.

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